The New York Times Upfront

Selected stories:

Cover Story: "I've Been Homeless for Six Years." (September 15, 2014 issue)

This story won the Association of American Publishers’ REVERE Award for Best Feature

What They Did for Their Summer Vacation (Sept. 21, 2015 issue)

Cover Story: 21st Century Slavery (March 17, 2014 issue)


Invasion of the Superbugs (Nov. 23, 2015 issue)


Cover Story: Animals vs. Humans (Nov. 2, 2015 issue)


Cover Story: Young People Changing the World (Oct. 12, 2015 issue)


Cover Story: Is That Really a Law? (April 20, 2015 issue)


Q&A with Malala Yousafzai (November 17, 2014 issue)


The Fly in the Ointment (November 18, 2013 issue)


The End of America's Car Culture? (October 7, 2013 issue)


16 Candles and a Ballot (November 5, 2012 issue)