How slime mold could shape the future of self-driving cars

Slime mold is a single-celled bit of goo that you’d find under a log in the woods. It’s also a master decision-maker, capable of weighing risk and reward in ways that make scientists question what intelligence really is. We grew slime mold of our own, and watched it tackle some amazingly complicated problems that could even help create better algorithms for self-driving cars.

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How to manufacture fear

Halloween special! I went to a haunted house attraction in Philadelphia to discover what happens to our bodies when we're scared and why we enjoy fear. Here's the story:

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Astronaut Scott Kelly on the psychological challenges of going to Mars

My interview with Scott Kelly for The Verge:

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Lauren Singer: Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Short video feature on Lauren Singer, a 24-year-old Brooklynite who produces no trash. The video was published in The New York Times Upfront, with my feature on young people changing the world.

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Speaking For The Voiceless

Short video feature on Camilo Godoy, a 22-year-old artist and immigration activist originally from Colombia, whose boyfriend was deported from the United States. He is committed to spread awareness on immigrant detention and deportation. At least once a week, he visits detained immigrants in Delaney Hall, a detention center in Newark, N.J. 

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Undocumented Dreamer

Short video feature on Angy Rivera, a 21-year-old Colombian who was brought to the United States illegally when she was 3. Rivera is an active member of the New York State Youth Leadership Council, where she keeps her "Ask Angy" column. Started in October 2010, the column is designed to help other undocumented students come out and share their experiences and problems. 

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James Sorrenti and the Marlboro Players

Audio slideshow about James Sorrenti, Jackie Bailey and John Bonanno, three seniors who are in the Marlboro Players band and play music at the Senior Center in the Marlboro housing development in Gravesend, Brooklyn. 

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